Okay, Mom Nature. Enough is enough. Thursday is the first day of April. We are now a week and a half into spring. Winter was harsh, thanks to you. So can you cut us some slack with the cold temperatures and the snow until at least next November?

Well of course not. That would be silly. Sure, we understand that snow and cold temperatures can be common in April, sometimes in May and even a few times in June, which in my opinion is just rude.

As of March 23rd, the last time the National Weather Service Eastern Region updated their snowfall totals, Binghamton was on top at 100.1 inches, with Caribou Maine coming in second at 94.3 inches of snow for the 2020-2021 winter season. Sure, we are honored with the number one ranking, although I would really be happier if we were one of the cities in the bottom end of the snowfall chart.

And it appears that we have the Golden Snowball award well in hand for the season, although the final count is not quite done yet. And with that, here is my complaint.

I am done with snow for the year. Apparently Mother Nature is not. According to the National Weather Service in Binghamton, we have a Winter Weather Advisory for our  area where we could see anywhere from 4 to 6 inches of snow tonight through Thursday night.

Sure, it's not a lot, but I have already put away my snow shovels and winterized my snowblower. My heavy jackets and gloves have been stored away. Did I make a mistake? Apparently so. Well, Mother Nature, if you've gotta pad our 100.1 inches of snow for the season, can we make this the final curtain?

via NWS Eastern Region, NWS Binghamton, Golden Snowball

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