Saturday afternoon I took my car through the carwash. The weather was beautiful and my car looked nice and shiny afterward.  Yesterday my wife Chris and I, picked up my stepson Ian's father (John) and made the trip from Endicott to Mansfield University. We picked Ian up and the three of us took him out for brunch as part of his birthday celebration. His birthday is actually today. We drove from Mansfield to Williamsport and went to a very cool brewpub. I think the name of the place was the Bullfrog Brewery. We all enjoyed our brunch with the birthday boy and then drove back to Mansfield where we stopped and had ice cream for dessert. After enjoying our ice cream, we dropped him off at his house across the street from the school where he will be graduating from in two weeks. That's hard to believe he's graduating college already, but that's not what this blog is about.

All the way to Williamsport and all the way home bugs were splattering off my windshield left and right. Some small some big, some left a pussy residue and others left blood. I must have sprayed my windshield washer fluid 10 times and still could not get the bug guts off my windshield. There were so many bugs splattered on my windshield I can barely see out of a good portion of it. I guess I have to get a pressure washer and blast my windshield to get the bug remains off my windshield. It made me think about the bikers who ride bikes with no windshield and no face protection. I can't imagine having these things splattering off my face.

I love the warm weather, don't get me wrong, but bugs are an annoying part of spring and summer.

I was singing the song from Dire Straits below as they were splattering before my eyes.

[via YouTube/Bogdan Cojocaru]


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