3:20 p.m. Wednesday, September 22nd, the summer of 2021 faded away. My favorite season of the year is gone. Just 9 months to wait for the next one. But hopefully, we'll continue to experience warm temperatures and maybe a bit more sunshine during the early part of fall, before winter sticks its head out of the ground.

This past summer was warm, and unfortunately, it was wet. Much too wet in my opinion. And wet conditions mean more mosquitos flying around biting us on every part of exposed skin available.

Senator Charles Schumer recently sent out a press release that residents of the Empire State have been hit by a record number of mosquitos due to more West Nile Virus pools. And he added that mosquito season could last longer than normal with climate change. Not news I want to hear and I'm sure you would agree.

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Senator Schumer is looking for new funding to help combat this increase in mosquitos and the diseases they bring with them as the season grows longer with a threat of the West Nile Virus continuing longer due to climate change.

This year at camp, my friends and I have noticed an increase in mosquitos buzzing around us. Some have put up those bug zappers to try to keep them away. I found a bug zapper I haven't used in decades stored away in my basement and was thinking about putting it to use to ward off mosquitos.

But according to Insectcop.net, a bug zapper has a limited effect on killing mosquitos since these nasty insects are not attracted to ultraviolet light. Mosquitos are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale along with certain odors coming from our bodies.

Mosquitos, ticks, fleas, gnats, rain...it's been a wild summer. Maybe I should be more glad fall is here.

via Senator Charles Schumer, Insectcop.net

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