Am I becoming more evil as I age? Is it something that just happens as you get older? I rarely let things bother me when I was younger, but not so much now.

It's just the little things, but you know sometimes those little things just get your dander up or cause you to laugh at someone else's stupidity, which is probably something you'd consider as evil.

One of the things that causes me to display that Grinch evil grin is when I see a bright orange ticket on the windshield of a vehicle parked on the wrong side of the street during the winter season.

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Odd days, you park on one side of the road. On even days, you park n the other side of the street., Pretty simple rules, right? Well apparently not to some. On side streets where the road in not very wide, the winter parking rule makes good sense, but everyday, I see vehicles parked on both sides, making it difficult to pass oncoming vehicles. Most don't get ticketed, but when they do, it makes me feel that evil goodness. I point and laugh. Usually to no one, since no one is around at the time.

Another thing that gets me going is when when I'm driving and getting ready to take an exit off the highway. Sometimes there will be a vehicle in the other lane speeding up with what I believe is the intension to get past me and pull in front of me so they can take the upcoming highway exit before I get to it.

Sorry, but there is a lot of room behind me to pull in. What is the big deal about needing to get in front of me, and then hitting the brakes to make the exit ramp? Guess what? If I see it about to happen, I'll hit the gas and the vehicle can either pull in behind me or keep going past the exit.

Is that evil? Does make me feel good, though. Maybe growing older has it's evil advantages.

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