We are in uncharted waters. Nothing you don't already know. It's like we have been tossed into one of those horror or thriller movies that you never thought would happen in real life.

I truly believe we will get through this and I've seen so much positivity from people in person and social media, even though I know we all have our own level of fear over the current Coronavirus o.
Since I work in the broadcast industry, I am considered an 'essential worker.' That being the case, unless I get sick or someone in my household gets sick, I will be at work and on the air from our studios.

Normally, I drive to work and back home on Main Street and Court Street Binghamton. On a normal commute, the road is busy, more and more people are walking the sidewalks downtown and business are buzzing with activity.

These past few days have been everything but that. I've observed our roads and streets have much less traffic and very few people on our sidewalks. I noticed signs on restaurants stating 'take out orders only' or in some cases closed for business. The coffee shop that I drive by every day which is normally overflowing with commuters is almost empty, I see church signs declaring no services until further notice, and signs at schools stating they are closed at least until April 13th.

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I am thinking positive thoughts and know it will get better. Just remember, stay at home, if you can work from home, that's great.

I know I sound like a broken record, but...remember to continue to wash your hands, enjoy time with your family, get take-out food from our local restaurants and don't hoard groceries when you go shopping.

In my crystal ball I see us getting through this, getting people out of the house, back to work, businesses, churches and schools in full swing, and we'll be enjoying a beautiful summer with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. Sound good?

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