With the growing destruction from Hurricane Dorian,  New York State’s Attorney General is offering some advice for good-hearted residents wanting to help out: Know and trust the agency you are sending donations to.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Letitia James issued a statement this week advising would-be donors to relief organizations to give to charities they are familiar with, review financial reports, ask how donations will be used and be wary of newly formed organizations or donations requested on social media.

James says: “Sadly, bad actors too often take advantage of catastrophic events to scam generous individuals.”

The A.G. says residents need to guard their personal information, especially when making a donation online, over the phone or by text message.

While James is urging abundant caution, she also says it is imperative “we support all those who have been impacted” by the disaster in the Bahamas and along the east coast.

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