Sunset walk

Summer is about to leave us. Normally we would be very sad about this. I would be more like depressed. This year? Not so much.

Yes, I am sad that we are crossing into the fall 2018 season. Summer is my favorite season. I don't like middle to late fall, early spring and I loath winter.

While the temperatures are still warm right now, we all know how quickly that can and will change. It does seem that the temps have been hanging on longer than we've seen in previous years. Or maybe I'm just imagining it.

I'm not totally sad to say goodbye to summer 2018, and I'm sure many people are with me because it was just plain wet from start to finish. Actually, it began way before summer began.

When the camping season began for me around May 1st, rain made an appearance, and like an annoying in-law, never left. The ground can only hold so much water, you what happens then, and it did. There were weeks I couldn't mow at home and at the campground to keep up with the grass growth.

Remnants from hurricanes certainly don't help, and many got to experience that already. That much precipitation mixed with the saturated ground is not a good thing.

So, as we flip off summer 2018, let's hope for a warmer than normal fall with much less rain, before old man winter bursts through the door and makes my life miserable for several months. Yea, I know, I'll get over it...eventually...when summer 2019 arrives. Just one request - hold the excess precipitation, please, and thank you.

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