Every evening at 7 pm New York City residents open their window, climb out onto their balcony and serenade the city, and the healthcare workers that are battling the coronavirus every day.

You've probably seen several videos of some people clapping and cheering, others clanging pots and pans and people singing or chanting in unison. Some just stand there and take in the spectacle of it all.

Musicians all over the city have showcased their skills and shown their appreciation of the hard-working healthcare workers with notes and beats.

I have to say this is one of the coolest videos from this nightly tradition is this one. FDNY Firefighter Louis DeRosa of Ladder 15 absolutely killin' it on guitar playing a very Jimi Hendrix-like version of The Star Spangled Banner. As if that wasn't bad-ass enough he did it standing on top of a firetruck with his fellow firefighters outside  New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

This happened a few nights ago, but the video is really starting to go viral in the last day.

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