Have you ever worked with someone who is so completely in their own, strange world that you’ve wondered if they’re sneaking a little something extra into the cup of coffee they clutch wherever they go?

They might be.

This will probably catch you glancing at your co-workers this morning, taking a mental note of how many of them are slurping down coffee from a disposable cup and you’ll no doubt find yourself asking, is that really coffee they’re drinking?”

There’s a chance it might be mixed with a little something extra if they’re drinking from a new gadget called the Trinken Lids.

The Trinken Lid looks like your average coffee cup lid, except it’s not. You can snap a can into the bottom of it. Pop it on any large coffee cup and you’ve got an instant koozie that looks like a coffee cup.

Trinken Lids are the same dimensions as a Solo lid, so they fit almost any cup so long as it’s big enough to hold a beer can.

And, not that I condone drinking at work, if this is your thing, you can toss your cup and easily slide your Trinken Lid into your pocket to use over and over.

[via Cool Material]