2020 has been a year. We know that all too well. So, we are continually trying to think of ways to make something good out of what's left of the year.

We came up with two ideas that we need your help with. The first is recognizing area teachers. You know teachers are amazing people. They shape our lives in more ways than we ever realize. And this year has got to be especially tough for teachers given the pandemic and trying to mold young minds while being safe, following all the stringent rules and tackling remote learning. That's a challenge no teacher has ever had to go through before.

So, we are looking for a nomination of a teacher who made a big impact on your life, or maybe your children or grandchildren's lives. I had a teacher in high school who made an impact in my life. Mr. Richardson taught Architecture at my high school and encouraged me all along the way to pursue the dream of becoming an Architect. So why am I in radio and not an Architect? Long story for another time.

Anyway, we're looking for the name of the teacher and a short explanation of why this person has made an impact on you or your children/grandchildren. Send us your nomination by clicking on 'Teachers' on The Whale App.

Our second idea is to Light up our community! We thought it would be awesome to see what your holiday lights look like this year. We're hoping our community will light up the Southern Tier more that ever. And we all could use something uplifting like this. When you have your light display up, business or home, send us a picture through The Whale website.

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