Now that my Eagles have been knocked out of the NFL Playoffs, I'm not sure who to root for.

I know for sure that I will not be rooting for New England. I am tired of them already. They've won enough. In fact, if they never win another Super Bowl, that would be fine by me. Actually, if they went 10 years without winning a game, I would be in heaven.

I would have no problem with any of the other three teams winning the Vince Lombardi Trophy. They have all won the Super Bowl once before.

Kansas City won it in 1970, back in Super Bowl 4. I think it would be awesome if Andy Reid gets his first Super Bowl ring as a head coach. I always liked Andy when he was the head coach of the Eagles. And even though he got us to the Super Bowl, he couldn't get us over the hump.

The Rams have won a Superbowl before but that was back when they were in St Louis. That was Super Bowl 34 when they beat Tennessee.

The Saints only Super Bowl victory came when they beat the Colts 31 to 17 back in 2010.

So I would be okay with any one of those three teams winning the Super Bowl this year. Of course, if New England beats the Chiefs this weekend, I will be rooting for whatever team faces them February 3rd.

If you had to pick one of the four remaining teams, who would you like to see win?

[via ESPN]

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