Anyone who has ever attended a potluck will tell you that it’s inevitable that multiple guests will bring the same exact dish.

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Casseroles are the go-to for holiday meals, gifts for new mothers, church potlucks, and drop off dishes for people who’ve suffered a loss, but how many times can you say that the casserole you served or that was delivered to you was a creamed spinach casserole?

E- Conolight conducted a survey of people in each state in the United States to find out which casserole was the favorite in each state and according to their results, the top favorite casserole in New York state is creamed spinach casserole.

Sure, you’ve probably had creamed spinach or some sort of a creamed spinach dip, but when is the last time someone brought an entire creamed spinach casserole to your get-together? Creamed spinach casserole is definitely delicious and it should be since it's loaded with spinach, artichokes, loads of cream cheese and Parmesan and baked in a dish and topped with crackers or breadcrumbs.

It is a bit surprising that out of all of the casseroles in the world, New Yorkers picked creamed spinach casserole as their favorite. Our neighbors in Pennsylvania picked a casserole that definitely leans more on the sweet side and is a big favorite for Christmas morning breakfast. Their pick? French toast casserole.

Do you agree with your fellow New Yorkers that the state’s top served casserole is creamed spinach? If you had to pick a casserole you think is more popular, which would you pick? Green bean casserole perhaps? Or, what about a macaroni and cheese casserole?

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