It may sound like a clever workaround: Buy a snack pack for $50 and get a "free gift" of recreational marijuana! New York State officials say, 'not so fast.'

Getty Images/ Stephen Brashear
Getty Images/ Stephen Brashear

While New York works to launch a legal recreational marijuana market, some entrepreneurs have jumped into a legal gray area.

They say they’re not selling pot but are giving it away while people buy something else. Now, the state says they need to stop.

he Office of Cannabis Management said Tuesday, February 8 it sent letters to more than two dozen enterprises it suspects of illegally selling weed.

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They were told to stop or face fines and potential criminal charges. The agency wouldn’t say what entities got letters.

The state law legalizing recreational marijuana doesn’t discuss such “gifts” but does allow “transferring, without compensation” small amounts of pot. So, apparently, a gift of ganja for your Valentine is okay?

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