People should not be charged for the costs of personal protective gear when they go to the doctor.


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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced new guidance to health insurers in the state after the Department of Financial Services got numerous complaints from consumers that their participating healthcare providers, particularly dentists, were charging patients fees for PPE.

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According to the directive, a participating provider should not charge a patient in addition to the regular covered services for things like masks, face shields and gowns and insurers should not cover those charges. 

The DFS is telling insurers to immediately notify providers not to charge PPE fees, work with providers to resolve issues relating to the increased costs of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and to provide refunds to patients if they are improperly charged. 

New Yorkers with complaints about an insurance policy can contact the Department of Financial Services hotline at (212) 480-6400 or (518) 474-6600 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a-m to 4:30 p-m or online at

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