Ok, I continue to be in awe on how these studies come to life. If there's a round table brainstorming discussion somewhere in America where studies and polls are born, I want to be there. Especially if there's money in it for me.

Recently I was surfing the world wide web (I like to refer to the Internet that way because it just infuriates some people - "No one calls it that anymore!"), I came across a cool website called Roadsnacks, and one of the articles they came out with a little over a year ago, listed the drunkest cities in New York State. What a great guide to find out where the best party people in NYS reside.

Some of the criteria included how many venues are booze available, and how often people talk about drinking. Well, that sounds credible enough for me. And guess what? You know how we used to joke that the Binghamton area has more bars and banks than anything else? If this study is true (or was a year ago), the bar claim is correct.

The study puts Binghamton on the list at number 5. Under the explanation, I'm not sure it's exactly flattering, but it's opinion based on facts, so no need to fret. Across the city line, Vestal came in at number 146. For the complete list check it out for yourself at Roadsnacks.net.

If beer is the name of your game, you won't want to miss our Binghamton On Tap craft brew festival in February!

[via Roadsnacks.net ]