While I usually buy liquor in New York State, since I spend most of my weekends and vacations in the state of Pennsylvania, I will occasionally purchase alcohol at one of the local liquor stores close to where I camp.

If you purchase your liquor in Pennsylvania like I occasionally do, you need to be aware of a new change that went into effect today (September 17th.)

WTAE Pittsburgh reports from the Associated Press that the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board told state stores that starting today, they have to limit customers to a two-bottle purchase of some products due to supply chain disruptions and shortages.

There are 43 items on the list, and that includes certain brands of champagne, whiskey, tequila, cognac, and bourbon.  This will remain in force in Pennsylvania indefinitely until the supply chain becomes more reliable. Why is this happening you ask? It's being blamed on the pandemic for supply and labor issues, and that is causing product shortages.

This could be a bit of a setback for anyone in Pennsylvania who is planning a wedding with a traditional champagne toast. There are about a dozen Moet & Chandon Champagne products are on the list for the two-bottle limit. Maybe just set that aside for the bride and groom and the wedding party.

And if customers looking to circumvent the ration by store-to-store purchases, they will be out of luck. The two-bottle limit applies to those transactions as well. This rationing applies to purchases by bars, restaurants, and other license-holders as well as private customers.

via WTAE Pittsburg

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