Whenever somebody walks into the Whale Studio while I'm here, one of the first things they mention is the line of empty Diet Coke cans on the counter. It's not unusual to see anywhere from 4 to 7 empty cans sitting there until I clean up. I must admit I drink a lot of Diet Coke, probably too much Diet Coke. I drink at least six cans a day and usually, that number is higher. I remember when I was diagnosed with bladder cancer back in 2008 my urologist said that drinking extreme amounts of diet soda is not good for the bladder. And you've probably seen the videos of people pouring diet soda and regular soda on battery terminals of cars to show how it eats away the acid.

Well, now there's new research from Yale University that determined that artificially sweetened beverages might actually prevent colon cancer. According to Eyewitness News ABC 7 New York, the research from Yale University concluded that "people who drink one or more 12 oz servings of artificially sweetened beverages per day experienced a 46% lower risk of colon cancer recurrence or death".

Now I have a comeback that I can use the next time someone tells me I need to cut back on my Diet Coke intake. I'm sure there are other studies that suggest we should limit our intake of artificially sweetened beverages, but at least there is some positive research out there for those of us that enjoy a diet soda (or eight) every day.

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