I travel in and out of New York State a lot, especially since I camp during the summer in Northeast Pennsylvania. This past summer upon entering New York State, I noticed there were new signs along the roadway.

Not just one, but several spaced apart, promoting various New York State tourism and attractions. I thought it was cool and it didn't distract me any more than seeing a billboard promotion, or anything else along the roadway as I travel.

Apparently, the federal highway department does have a problem with these signs and has let the New York Department of Transportation just that. They claim it's too much of a distraction. NYS DOT has a different opinion.

At risk, from what I gather, is a federal highway department threat to withhold almost a billion in funding if those signs don't disappear. Again I ask, do these signs really pose a bigger distraction than any other as you venture down the highway?

What I don't know, is if this is more of an issue on the major highways such as the Interstate system, rather than a rural two-lane road that crosses over from a state into New York. So, how much did these signs cost the taxpayers? Was it a large cost for signs that could now be thrown out? We'll see soon enough.

Have you seen these signs? What are your thoughts?

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