I'm pretty sure ever since Adam and Eve, couples have had a problem with one if not both of them snoring causing the other person in the relationship to be up at night. I know some married couples that sleep in separate rooms because of snoring issues.

I remember as a kid walking past my parents' bedroom and hearing them snore in stereo. One would be inhaling while the other was exhaling and vice versa. I know I snore and sometimes it's pretty loud. I know this not just because Chris reminds me a couple of times a week, but also because I have snored so loudly that I have woke myself up out of a dead sleep.

I found this on The Daily Mail's website this morning and I spoke about it on the air this morning. The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new cure for snoring. It basically involves sticking a red-hot probe up your nose.

According to the Daily Mail, Aerin Medical created the probes. According to the report, they heat them up to 140 degrees and slide them up your nose. And, even though you get a local anesthesia, it still hurts. But the Daily Mail reports that after the procedure, you won't snore again for the rest of your life.

Basically, it burns the swollen nasal tissues and causes them to shrink so you can breathe better.

If you are interested in finding doctors closest to the Binghamton area that administer this procedure, you can visit the Aerin Medical website here, enter your ZIP code, and a list of doctors will come up.

Whatever you do, don't try this at home.

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