A new Netflix documentary, "Father Soldier Son", was recently released, following a Purple Heart Veteran living in central New York.

I missed this somehow on the release date (July 17th), but caught a post about the Netflix feature on newyorkupstate.com and what it's all about.

The documentary follows U.S. Army Master Sgt. Brian Eisch, who moved to New York in 2011.  He received a combat injury in service resulting in his leg being amputated, and initially was in the media a decade ago in 2010 when he was reunited with his two sons after returning.  The journey of Sgt. Eisch was followed for coming years, with ups and downs and a focus on being a father after serving for 17 years.

I admittedly have not yet watched it, but certainly have it on my list.  As a supporter of those who serve and have served, I'm sure this is only one of many amazing and emotional stories out there.

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