Neil Young has fired back at National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch after she compared his music to a "dying cow fart."

“The spokesperson? That woman? She doesn’t like me?” Young replied when told by the Daily Beast that Loesch wasn't a fan of his music. "“Well, she’s one of the gang over there. ... I’m glad I got under her skin.”

Loesch's comments actually date back several years. As the Daily Beast points out, she has criticized Young on Twitter more than a dozen times over the past decade. In 2010 she wrote, "Geebus I loathe Neil Young. His voice sounds like a bloated cow farting and dying all at once."

Five years later, she brought up the "dying cow fart" comparison again, when she noted that her "stepdad likes Neil Young. I always thought Neil Young had the vocal tonality of a dying cow fart. He’s also hard of hearing. My stepdad."

Young, for his part, seemed amused by Loesch's comments. “Why doesn’t she just shoot me?” he told the Daily Beast, before correcting himself when he remembered where his new enemy collects a paycheck. “You know, I hate to say that because I have kids and I really don’t want anybody to shoot me. I’ve still got to bring up my kids, so don’t take that seriously!”

The singer-songwriter also pointed out that "Trump likes my music. He’d come to all my shows.” Back when Trump was still on the campaign trail, Young criticized his "misogyny and racism" and wasn't too happy about the future president playing his 1989 song "Rockin' in the Free World" at his rallies.

Young is on his own promotional trail these days, spreading the word about his new movie Paradox, which debuts on Netflix next week. The film was directed by his partner, Daryl Hannah, and stars Young, who also recorded a soundtrack album that's due next month.

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