Roundabouts. You either love them or you hate them. Okay, maybe you just tolerate them because it's in the path of where you need to go. I understand completely.

Roundabouts are designed to make for better traffic flow. Sure, we in the United States are more used to intersections, and they work fine in most cases, but at least with a roundabout, you won't have to deal with traffic lights and a sometimes long wait for the light to turn green.

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Currently, we have four roundabouts. One on Riverside Drive and Floral Avenue in Johnson City, (would you consider a portion of Brocton Street in Johnson City a roundabout?) one on Court Street Binghamton, and two new roundabouts on Front Street. Check out our article on those two roundabouts here.

So, how do you properly navigate a roundabout?

How To Drive Around A Roundabout

For those who may be wondering or might tend to shy away from our area's roundabouts, here's how to navigate one according to the New York State Department Of Transportation. First, slow down. Most speed limits are 20 miles per hour or less. Yield to traffic already in the roundabout, and if the roundabout has more than one lane, you must yield for all lanes.

You also must yield to any pedestrians in any crosswalks associated with a roundabout. For multi-lane roundabouts, pay attention to the signs directing you to the correct lane for the exit you will be taking. Get into the correct lane immediately, don't switch lanes while in the roundabout or pass other vehicles. And never stop while in a roundabout.

Want a visual of how to navigate a roundabout? Click below.

Outside of the Jonson City roundabout which has been in existence for decades in two different styles, my first experience with a roundabout was while I was on vacation in the United Kingdom.

I had no idea that roundabouts were the norm in England, Wales, and Scotland, and that intersections were few. The first roundabout I encountered was bigger than the Johnson City roundabout and have several more roadways attached to it. That was a bit unnerving, as I had to figure out which road to exit the roundabout.

So, enjoy your trip around the various Southern Tier roundabouts. Like them or not, they are here to stay.

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