If you had been in the Binghamton area at all in July, then you probably had to deal with the temporary closure of the Exit 5 ramp from I-81 South. It was Front Street frustration as the second roundabout was being completed.

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If you came up Front Street and were hoping to get to Otsiningo Park or downtown Binghamton, you couldn't get there from here. The big question that was on everyone's mind was, "will it be open in time for Spiedie Fest?"

The good news was that it was open in time and there was no major accidents or problems...that we know of. I haven't heard of anyone trying to go left on the roundabout anymore and that's a good thing.

Why Some Drivers Hate The Front Street Roundabout

I chatted with several listeners on the air during that, and they brought up several issues they had with the new setup. There already have been several accidents in the area because people aren't paying attention. If you don't slow down, you could go right over the roundabout because the sides are only 6 or 7 inches tall and you could flip your vehicle.

Also keep in mind, that you can only go right when you get to the roundabout. I had heard that some of the newer drivers went left because you could go in that direction when the light was there.

Some people went left because their GPS said to "go left" apparently some GPS's hadn't updated yet. Hopefully those problems were addressed with the addition of the second roundabout.

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