Saturday is National Cat Day so I thought I’d introduce you to my cat O’Ryan, check out what he can do.

National Cat Day was first celebrated in 2005 and was introduced by Colleen Paige who is an animal advocate. She proclaimed the day to draw attention to the many abandoned cats in our country who need homes.

The day is also heavily endorsed by the ASPCA, an organization that promotes pet adoption.

I have two cats Maggie and O'Ryan, they are both rescue animals. I got Maggie when I moved into my home 10 years ago. She was quarantined in a local shelter because she had a cold, so I had to wait a couple of days before I could take her home

My wife and I inherited O'Ryan from her daughter. He was a stray and was locked in a store where the owner chased him around with a broom for a couple of days. He's still a little skiddish, but very lovable.

National Cat Day has caught on around the world with an International Cat Day which is celebrated in February 17th and March 1st in certain countries.

If you're looking to bring a cat into your home, I suggest you try adoption, there are several places here in the Greater Binghamton area that would love to introduce you to a new member of your family.