NASA is ready for another mission to Mars complete with new scientific instruments that will conduct never before tests of the red planet.

The current launch date is July 30 and according to NASA the Mars mission will have some major goals, beginning with the age-old question: Has there ever been life on Mars?

The rover will also continue to look for life, test the climate on Mars, along with more extensive geology tests, and finally the preparation of man traveling to Mars and exploring the surface of the planet.

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There are a lot of things to determine when the rover lands touches down on Mars February 18, 2021

This rover will have advanced entry decent and landing technology that the past several rovers since the first landed in July 1997.

The new probe will also have a microphone on board to help with the analysis of entry and landing.

Another advanced test will try and determine how to convert Mars mostly carbon dioxide atmosphere to create pure oxygen needed for human consumption.

This is a big step for mankind as the ultimate goal is to fulfill our legacy to put human life on Mars.

The sophisticated rover will be able to collect samples and make advancing testing possible, making advanced weather studies to make accurate predictions on Martian seasons and climate change.

NASA has launched four rovers since 1997, Sojourner, Opportunity, Spirit are no longer active

Curiosity was launched in 2012 and is the only rover still active, it is presently attempting a 3 mile climb up Mount Sharp on the Martian planet

The United Arab Emirates will be launching the first rover and the Arab world's first space mission to another planet, the launch was postponed till tomorrow because of bad weather.





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