Sunday was Mother's Day and my stepson Ian came home for the weekend so he could visit with his mother. Sunday morning we woke up and we went to church together. Then we drove out to The Silo in Greene for their Mother's Day brunch. That was awesome and I would definitely recommend that for Mother's Day next year. Just make sure you get your reservations in early because the place fills up.

From there we drove back to Endicott and hung out at the house for about an hour before taking the short drive down the street to En-Joie Golf Course. The plan was to play 18 holes and we were praying that the rain would hold off. It did until midway through the third hole. It never really poured but for the remainder of the round, it was either a light mist or a light rain. By the time we reached the 8th green Chris said she appreciated us taking her golfing, but she wanted to leave after we completed the front nine because her feet were soaked. So we finished up after nine holes and returned home.

Chris and I were watching golf on TV in the living room and Ian went down into the bar in the basement to watch movies and probably play video games. .Chris and I ended up falling asleep watching the golf so we both got naps in. Around 7 p.m. the three of us drove out to Tioga Downs for dinner so she didn't have to cook at all on Mother's Day. We did some gambling afterward and then made our way home.

All in all, I think she had a great day except for getting wet on the golf course. I hope your mother's day was great as well.

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