So how was your weekend? This past weekend, I decided to do as little as possible. Having a weekend to do nothing is rare, but the opportunity was in front of me, so I decided to take advantage of a lazy weekend.

So much for those plans, sort of. For some reason, Saturday morning, I decided to wash the dishes, re-paper the silverware drawer, pay some bills, balance my checkbook, wash laundry, go out and buy some groceries, have lunch with a old friend who came to town to visit, do some shopping at one of the chain stores and finally take out the garbage (which was kind of overflowing.)

What the hell. My  plan was to sit back in the recliner and watch movies all weekend. Well, that hit a bit of a snag. I had a few movies on dvd that I hadn't seen in awhile, but the dvd player that's set up in my living room didn't want to spin the disc for whatever reason. Never had that issue before.

Luckily, I own several dvd players, except all but one other are stored away in my camper on top of a mountain in Pennsylvania. No big deal, I brought the other player into the living room, inserted the dvd, and hit play. At that point the player starting making this horrible whining noise like it was about to explode. My dogs were even frighten by the sound.

I'm thinking how the hell did two dvd players, which had been working fine, all of a sudden decide to crap the bed? You can imagine my dismay. So, onto Plan C I go - checking what's on the pay channels. Nope. Seem 'em all, or not interested. Plan D - check out the movies on the pay web service. It took a while, but I found a few good enough to watch, and many that I couldn't get past the first five minutes.

That was my weekend. I'm telling you now, camping season can't start fast enough. 34 days and counting as of today (3/27.) Outdoors, friends, campfire, unhealthy food and beer. Now that is an awesome weekend.

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