For me, camping season began May 1st. I took a trip to the campground excited that I was about to open up my camper for the first time in over six months. There's a fair amount of things to do with setup.

This year it took a bit more time since the camper was taken out of the campground for some minor repairs. To do that, everything inside has to be tied down or packed away so there are no items flying around the camper as it travels down the road.

The complete setup is a bit of work, but it's all worth it. In about five hours time, I had a lot of things done. The utilities were hooked up and turned on. Everything was going smoothly. Then all hell broke loose. You may remember on May 1st, Mother Nature decided to send our way one nasty storm.

It came through the campground quickly. The weather reports included thunderstorms, high winds, and a tornado watch. A lovely thing to hear when you are on top of a mountain sitting in a camper. To add insult to injury, about ten minutes into the storm, the power went out.

Fortunately, there was no damage around my camper after the storm had passed on, but the campground did have a few trees knocked over as did many area communities including a few branches in my backyard back home. My plan was to spend two days camping but ended up leaving the next morning since power and water were out, and I would need both to continue setting everything up. Power didn't come back until Thursday.

The weather, of course, continued all week, including the weekend as you know, and the combination of wet and mud made for a fun time when I returned over the weekend. Oh well, the sun will come out and dry things off, it will get warmer and camping will be less dramatic soon. Can't wait.

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