Next week I will be on vacation. Just saying that sounds so relaxing. I love my job, but I hate getting up so early in the morning. So one thing I'm looking forward to on my vacation is sleeping in. And by sleeping in, I mean I won't get out of bed until at least 11 am. I also have a couple more Christmas presents to purchase so I will be doing some holiday shopping. I will also be working to get the house ready for the holidays, just cleaning and arranging stuff. I also plan on giving platelets over my time off. It is the gift of life.

During my vacation, my step-son Ian will be home from college, so I'm looking forward to hanging out with him. We also have an overnight getaway planned at a casino so that should be fun. Especially if we win money, or at least break even. Winning money would definitely make the holidays brighter.

I'm definitely looking forward to Christmas Eve when my wife makes the 13 course Russian Christmas Eve meal but more about that in another blog.

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