This Tuesday is Independence Day, The 4th of July. Just about every year I do the same thing. Sleep in a little, go to work for a few hours, then it's off to Highland Park in Endwell for the 4th of July Spectacular. I go, walk around, get something to eat, check out the vendors, and then leave.

We have friends that live in Endwell not far from Highland Park. Every year they throw a party. We go there with a dish to pass, have some beers and more food, and hang with friends. Usually, we stay late enough to watch the fireworks display. Everybody at the party walks down the street and around the corner with our folding chairs and set them up with a great view of the sky over the park. We watch the display and joking do the oohs and aahs as the night sky lights up.

After the grand finale, it's back to our friends' house where we wait for the traffic to die down. It's amazing how many cars tie up the traffic on the streets in Endwell and Endicott after the fireworks are over.

Then we head home and it's off to work on the 5th.

Have a great 4th of July! I hope you get some extra time off from work to enjoy with family and friends.

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