For the last 15 years or so, my wife Chris and I have been golfing in a mixed league at Conklin Players Club. It started out as just two people teams and evolved into a couples league.

Back in the day, we had fathers and sons on a team, fathers and daughters on a team, two women as a team, two guys as a team, and husbands and wives made up some of the teams as well. The league eventually morphed into a couples league. The couple doesn't have to be married, it just needs one guy and one girl.

As far as golf leagues go this is probably one of the laxest leagues out there. We have special rules that make the league enjoyable even for beginner golfers. And with a handicap in place, it makes it fair and competitive for both scratch golfers and high-handicap golfers.

A lot of the couples have been in the league for a few years now and we've gotten to know some of them very well. Last night (Monday) was the first night of the season and  Chris and I played with one of the three new teams in the league this year.

We had a great time and the weather was perfect. The course was a little wet with all the rain we had for the last month or so, but it was very playable. I actually expected it to be in worse shape than it was so hats off to the crew at Conklin for that.

Chris and I both played really well. To get back into the swing of things we played Captain and Mate last night, and I birdied two holes on my own. We used a lot of Chris's shots as well and she won one of the skins games by tying for closest to the pin on one of the holes.

I wish the weather would be like it was last night every Monday for the entire summer. A week or two without rain would be awesome to give the ground time to dry up.

Golf season is back and I am happy.

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