Now let me explain before you read that title and jump to conclusions. I was not actually at her house, but it was my fault her little guy was up so late.

Yesterday during Freezone in the Morning, I passed along the results of a new study that I found on Yahoo that said the number of Americans that are drinking coffee has skyrocketed.  And apparently, they're starting at a younger age too. Let me explain. My coworker, Traci Taylor, who works at our country station down the hall, is very knowledgeable when it comes to our websites. Whenever I have a question, she is the first person I call. I pretty much reach out for her help three times a week or so. Yesterday was one of those days that I needed help.

Traci had already gone home for the day. On her way home, she stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get an iced coffee. When she got home, her three-year-old son John was saying how much he wanted to have some of her coffee. She told him no. Just then I reached out for her help. I guess while I was calling her, John knew his mom was distracted and went for the coffee. He got a hold of it and was helping himself when Traci finally turned around and noticed. I felt bad because I was the one that distracted her by calling for help.

I apologized to her again today and asked how late John was up last night? She said he was up much later than usual and was wide awake again at 3 a.m. this morning. Now I really feel bad. Hell, I was even still sleeping at 3 am.

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