My final vacation for the year is in the books. It began with the promise of several days of relaxation at the campground, with my birthday occurring on the first weekend. And just just like that on my birthday, I almost met my maker...or the guy who lives below the earth and has horns.

After settling into camp on Saturday August 22nd, I promised myself to have a great final summer vacation since the next vacation in the summer of 2021 will be a long way off. It was a good day.

And so was Sunday, which was my birthday. My sister-in-law came out to camp, and we went into the Towanda area for late lunch. Being it was Sunday, many eateries were closed, but I discovered a diner that was open. And you know, I enjoyed having comfort food at a diner for my birthday over a more expensive dinner at a restaurant.

The day was going well. After my sister-in-law left to return home to the big city of Binghamton, I decided to clear out items that had been stored under my camper, because I had discovered there was some sort of a water leak coming from the underbelly, and I noticed a couple of bees flying underneath.

I tend to do the toss it and forget it method with stuff I don't use anymore, under the camper. I used a garden rake to get a grip on some of the items, and one of them was an old barbecue grill cover. Well, the cover concealed a couple of bee hives, and I pissed off a whole lot of bees.

They swarmed on me like a bear takes to honey. I did the wrong thing and started running. They got me all over my body. I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and Crocs. The Crocs have holes of course, so the bees went right in and started stinging me. They got in my clothes, and wherever they found exposed skin to sting the life out of me.

I finally got the Crocs off and ran into the camper. One bee followed me in, and one was still in my t-shirt stinging me. I yelled to my wife what had happened, and then all of sudden, the camper started spinning. I am not allergic to bee stings, but because so many had stung me, I went into an anaphylactic shock and passed out. It would not be the first time I would go into shock, and the day just got worse after that. Tomorrow (9/1), I will write about the second half of my flirtation with life or death.

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