We are currently living in a time that none of us have ever experienced before. Yes there have been times in the past when humans have had to deal with pandemics and plagues, but that was long ago, and who thought we'd ever have to go through what we are dealing with today?

For good or bad, we're somehow getting through it and states are beginning to open up various businesses and workplaces to try to get back to some kind of normal.

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis has announced that as of Friday (June 5th) bars, gyms, bowling alleys, movie theatres, concert halls, playhouses and arcades among others can open at fifty percent capacity.

While we in New York and Pennsylvania have not gotten to that point, the time will come. Pennsylvania has already allowed restaurants to open back up at fifty percent in counties that have gone green, including Bradford County. Susquehanna County is currently in the yellow phase and will remain that way on June 5th when the new designations are put in place.

In New York, more businesses have been allowed to open. I visited an arts and crafts store on Tuesday that had just reopened to in-store service and it was busy. That's a good sign. One of the things that I have not thought of but made me think, was when I was at the checkout counter, the cashier noted how interesting it's been to see all the different types of face masks that people are wearing. It made me take a second look. There really are some cool face masks that people are wearing. Some are sporting their favorite team, pet and all sorts of types of logos.

But, on the not so good side of face masks, while I've only seen a few not wearing one at all (mostly in Pennsylvania) I've noticed some people are not covering their  nose. Not sure what the thinking is there, or if there is a legitimate reason, but doesn't that make the mask kind of useless? I'm not an expert on face mask wearing, so I'll leave that question up to the professionals.

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