Recently New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that fully vaccinated New Yorkers no longer are required to wear a face mask outdoors or indoors. That has been great news for all who have had their vaccination and have gone past the two week waiting period.

Now Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is ready to do the same in his state.Today (May 27th),  Alison Beam, Pennsylvania's Department of Health Acting Secretary announced that the face mask order will be lifted on June 28th or when 70 percent of adults in the state have received their 2nd dose, whichever comes first. If you are not vaccinated, you must continue to follow the current rules for wearing face masks. All Pennsylvanians 12 or older are eligible to get vaccinated.

When The Center for Disease Control (CDC) made new face mask recommendations on May 13th, the state of Pennsylvania put those recommendations into effect immediately. Last weekend was the first time I ventured from the campground I spend time at in Pennsylvania to visit the nearest town. At first, I walked into a grocery store without a mask since I am fully vaccinated, but as I looked around, almost every customer I saw, was wearing a face mask. I felt weird like I was maybe being judged for going maskless.

When we got to the checkout, the cashier was not wearing a face mask. She confirmed that we were okay and following the rules set forth for the state and the store. My wife and I visited a couple other stores and encountered the same. Almost everyone still wearing a mask. My first thought was, are most people still not fully vaccinated or do they still not feel completely safe?

Even in New York, I see more people wearing face masks than not, and my wife is not quite confident enough to stop wearing a face mask when we go shopping, so for the time being, I guess the face mask will stay on. Hopefully not for long though.

via Pennsylvania Department of Health

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