Are you ready for Labor Day Weekend? I've only been back from vacation three days and I'm ready for a long weekend already. Sometimes it's a bit difficult to get back into the swing of things after taking a week off. I think I'm doing okay, so far.

Normally, I would be spending a part of my Labor Day weekend at an annual Greyhound get together that my Greyhound adoption group puts on every year. Because of a variety of reasons including the fact that membership spans from the Southern Tier of New York to the Southern Tier of Pennsylvania, it can be tough to travel the four or five hours it takes to get here. Even so, the pandemic would have put an end to the fun this year anyway.

I will miss getting together with fellow Greyhound owners, playing the games with the dogs, and buying up all the new Greyhound swag that the group brings to sell. These past few years, the New York Greyhound crew hosted, but my favorite times were when it was hosted by the Pennsylvania team in Altoona where the adoption group is based.

I would pack up my travel trailer and take four hour (or so depending on I-80 traffic) trip to a campground just outside of town. It may not seem like such a big deal, but it was for me, especially those early years of adopting Greyhounds. Although I have now adopted and several Greyhounds and for a time, fostered over 30, the love for these amazing dogs has never waned.

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