I love watching movies. For me, it's a great way to tune out the world and immerse myself into the world of whatever the premise of the movie that I'm watching, is.

Sometimes, especially with action movies, I think about how I would handle some of the situations in the movie versus the way they were written. Maybe I should have tried my hand at scriptwriting. Well, probably not. I'm sure that would be a disaster. I can only imagine how much work goes into writing a movie script. Too much for me.

While I catch a few movies each week on streaming services, it's not the same as seeing a first run movie in a movie theater. Granted, I haven't been to a movie theater in a long time, but once this pandemic is over, I need to get back. The movie experience has changed so much in than past decade. Seating is much more comfortable with oversized relining seats, improved sound systems and a digital picture.

Watching a movie on that huge screen makes such a difference, and in my opinion, doesn't compare to my flat screen televisions even though I have a 50 inch screen in my living room. And of course I've got to have my over-buttered popcorn and soda to complete the experience. I've tried, but I can't replicate the great taste of movie theater popcorn.

Once theaters open up again, I plan on getting in line to catch the latest releases, and I bet many others will be doing the same, to get back to that big screen experience.

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