In 2018 the owner of Hillside Dairy went into retirement and stopped delivering milk as he had been doing for years.  Now, due to coronavirus, he's coming back.

Brad Ellert has been the owner of Hillside Dairy and up until he retired at the end of 2018 he performed a service of delivering milk to the residents of Erie County.  He said in an interview with WIVB that no one else was going to follow in his footsteps and that when he stopped, that part of history was going to go away.

But now, he's coming back and to the rescue of many people who aren't able to (or shouldn't be) get out of their houses to buy milk.

According to WIVB, he said that people have been just about pleading for him to help their families get some food.

“I’ve had calls from people from all around the country — California, Connecticut, looking for help for their shut-in parents. They had ordered from other online services and the orders were canceled and they couldn’t get any food for them,” said Bradley Hellert owner of Hillside Dairy. “These people are almost pleading for someone to try to help them.”

So he started the business back up.  This time with his grandson Chris who will be helping him find the addresses with GPS.  For more, check out Hillside Dairy's website.

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