For many years, I dreamed of visiting the United Kingdom. I don't remember what the obsession was all about, it was just a country I wanted to experience in person, rather than just pictures in a book or magazine.

Well, in the 90's I got the chance, and took a vacation to drive through England, Wales and Scotland, staying at bed and breakfast venues along the way. The first trip, I drove through various parts of all three countries of the United Kingdom. And then I went back a second time and a third time.

But the second and third times, I visited Scotland exclusively. Even though I found England and Wales to be amazing, I love Scotland the best. The scenery, the history, the people, the castles, the pubs, the whiskey tours, driving on the left side of the road while shifting with my left hand, the haggis (yes, I ate haggis and loved it) all intrigued me.

There were several times I encountered one lane roads, especially in the northern parts of Scotland. Fortunately there are pull off sections on these narrow roads to let an oncoming vehicle. pass. I quickly learned that the first vehicle to get to the pull off, is the one to pull over and let the oncoming vehicle pass. The same for sheep and Highland cows. They don't get out of the way for anyone, and I encountered a few during my visits to Scotland.

Another highlight to my trips to Scotland, was visiting Loch Ness. I took a boat cruise on the Loch during one of my trips, and love to tell people I think I saw 'Nessie.' Well, I did get a 'Nessie' stuffed toy at the museum gift shop. Does that count?

I will always treasure my trips to Scotland, and maybe during my retirement years, I will get the opportunity to visit again, and this time see 'Nessie' for real.

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