Well, here we are again. The unofficial beginning of Summer. If you know me, you know this is MY season. Winter, early spring and late fall, are not on my favorites list.

This weekend, we observe Memorial Day. It's a three day vacation for many. But you know the real reason is to honor those men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice protecting our country.

They are the real heros. I know that first hand. I lost an Uncle in the Vietnam War. When he died, I witnessed the effect it had on my family. We were so proud of him. Everytime I visited my grandparents home, I would look over at the picture frame on the kitchen wall displaying the many medals my Uncle had received, including the Purple Heart. I felt so proud of him, and how much we all missed him.

Take the time to stop and remember those military heros. You may have known some. You may have been related to some. Let's not forget any of them.

This weekend is also our Memorial Day Weekend Classic Rock 500. It the time of the year that we countdown the best 500 rock songs of all time. Well, it's our interpretation of the best 500. Yours may be a bit different, but it's all in fun, and who doesn't like a countdown?

This year's countdown airs Saturday, Sunday and through most of Memorial Day Monday with the new number 1 song airing in the 6pm hour. Take the Whale wherever you go this weekend. Listen on your radio at 99.1 FM, on the free Whale APP, online with your computer or tablet and on Alexa.

Have a safe, fun Memorial Day Weekend, and take the time to remember our military heroes.

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