There's a bit of a divide in my marriage. No, it's not something serious. It's about mayonnaise. My wife and I have differing opinions of what type of mayonnaise is best.

I'm betting our household isn't the only one grappling with the dilemma. Sure, there is a difference between traditional mayonnaise and Miracle Whip. According to the Everybody Craves website:

Mayonnaise is made from fat (soybean oil), eggs, and a liquid such as vinegar or lemon juice.  Miracle Whip is made of the same basic ingredients as mayonnaise—in varying proportions—but it includes some extra sugar and spices like paprika and garlic powder. - Everybody Craves

My wife prefers mayonnaise, usually Hellman's, and I prefer Miracle Whip. I like the sugary addition, although I have no problem with mayonnaise as a condiment on foods. I love a toasted tuna fish sandwich with Miracle Whip along with diced onions. What a treat.

Taking The Condiment Battle To The Twin Tiers

So, I thought I'd take the debate to the Southern Tier of New York and Northeast Pennsylvania and find out just which product is the favorite. Nikki A. replied "Me, mayo only. Husband, Miracle Whip only. Divided!"

I received some responses from people who love both mayo and Miracle Whip, while a few find all mayo disgusting:

  • Susan W. said "Hellman's has a nice zing and miracle whip has a light creamy taste that's wonderful. Hellmann's makes amazing salads and Miracle Whip is best for sandwiches, I!"
  • Gina K. states: "Mayo for baking, Miracle Whip for sandwiches."

Here are some arguments for mayonnaise and Miracle whip, followed by the results of which is preferred over the other.

Mayonnaise Comments

Photo by Kelsey Todd on Unsplash
  • Melissa P. says "Mayo (Hellmans!) anything other than Mayo (like Miracle Whip) is just WRONG!
  • Nathan L. - "Mayonnaise all the way...Miracle’s just not right."
  • Mandy L. - "Mayonnaise. Preferably Dukes!
  • John S. - "Mayonnaise. Hellman's only the real deal. Everything else is imitation."
  • Scott H - "No debate to have. Healthy blood should be no less than 38% pure Hellmann's."

Miracle Whip Comments

Miracle Whip
Mashed via YouTube
  • Sandra J. - "Love Miracle Whip, Hellman's would be my second choice."
  • Regina P. - "I grew up with Miracle Whip that we called 'mayo'. My husband makes fun of me about it."
  • Sara L. - "Miracle Whip most things, sometimes Hellmann's."
  • Janet P. - "Miracle Whip, but I use store brands."
  • Kyle L. - "Miracle Whip is life. No questions asked."

And The Winner Is...

80 percent of responses favored mayonnaise, with Hellmann's mentioned most, followed by Duke's as the second most favorite. As a fan of Miracle Whip, I'm a bit disappointed, but not surprised. Check out this video of the difference between the two and what regions of the country prefer the most.

[via Everybody Craves]

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