Lucas Kaczynski a local author, collector and historian, has a story to tell about our local history, that continues to intrigue and color our lives today.

Kaczynski is 22 years old, but his book E.J.’s Town History The Endicott Johnson Story tells the stories of our heritage from many years ago.

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Born in Maine, New York, Lucas Kaczynski has always been fascinated by the stories of our past and aspires to become a history teacher.

According to a news release from the Nanticoke Valley Historical Society, the book has taken two years to complete, and is the culmination of Kaczynski’s passion and love for the community.

Kaczynski  is also a collector of many nostalgic items of memorabilia, including advertising signs, paintings and more, he hopes to continue to promote the study of history and community culture among young people.

The Nanticoke Valley Historical Society will be holding a free virtual presentation featuring Lucas Kaczynski on Monday April 19, 2021 at 7pm.

News Release Nanticoke Valley Historical Society

Kaczynski will read and discuss parts of his book E.J.’s Town History The Endicott Johnson Story, which will be published this fall.

To register for this free virtual presentation, CLICK HERE

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