9 year old Colin Hayward Toland of Ithaca, NY is currently battling terminal brain cancer. His goal in life is to become a police officer because he wants to fulfill his dreams of helping people. So, on Monday, the Ithaca Police Department welcomed their newest officer with a swearing-in ceremony for Colin.

According to ABC News:

Colin was 2 years old when he was first diagnosed with brain cancer in June 2009, his father, Ian Hayward, told ABC News. The family, who was living in Connecticut at the time, was planning a trip to Vermont for Colin's birthday and his parents' 10-year anniversary when all of a sudden he fell ill, Hayward said.

"Things kind of took off rapidly," Hayward said. "One day he was fine, the next he collapsed."

On top of all of this for Colin, Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick announced that September 12th in Ithaca will be known as "Colin Hayward Toland Day".

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