If you are a Deadhead, or maybe you were at the original Woodstock, or maybe you are just a fan of classic rock, if you fall into any of those categories, you might want to check out Live Dead 69 at Touch of Texas this Saturday night.

Live dead 69 is comprised of the Grateful Dead's original pianist Tom Constantine. Tom played on The Grateful Dead's first two albums. The band also consists of Mark Karan and Robin Sylvester from Bob Weir's Ratdog. Slick Aguilar is also in the band. Slick has played with the David Crosby Band and Jefferson Starship. The band is also made up of one of the members of the band Phish.

They will be re-enacting Grateful Dead's performance at the original Woodstock in 1969.

I've spoken to a couple of Deadheads who are really excited that this show is coming to town. Especially those who were too young to attend Woodstock which took place 50 years ago this August in Bethel New York.

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