Binghamton Restaurant Week continues this week through Thursday March 30th. This is your chance to sample food from amazing restaurants in the Binghamton area. Maybe you have visited some of these restaurants, but have you tried some of the offerings they have designed for restaurant week?

When I visit a restaurant, my preference is to try an appetizer, main course and dessert I have not tried before. That way, I get to learn more about that establishment and what they have to offer, and more importantly, I may find some new dishes to enjoy in the future rather than going back to the same food.

Today (3/28) I tagged along with Doug Mosher (you remember him, right?) to Little Venice on Chenango Street, Binghamton for lunch. Two out of the three offerings on their Binghamton Restaurant Week menu were items I had not tried in past visits, That being the Bruschetta as an appetizer (toasted Italian bread with diced tomatoes, olive oil and fresh garlic) and the Chocolate Brownie Gelato for dessert.

For the main course, I chose the House Made Spaghetti with Meat Logs. I know Little Venice has many other excellent dishes to choose from, but their spaghetti with meat logs is my all time favorite. For my taste, their sauce is heaven.

Binghamton Restaurant Week is coming to a close, so get out for lunch or dinner now through Thursday and find some new, delicious offerings from the many great restaurants in Binghamton.




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