We've all heard that during thunderstorms like we had Tuesday afternoon in the greater Binghamton area-- we should seek shelter, stay away from windows, and not to seek shelter under trees. Maybe it's time to add a new warning to that list about using toilets during thunderstorms.

I found this "strange, but true" story late Tuesday afternoon and I couldn't stop thinking about it as that massive thunderstorm rolled through our area late in the day.

According to USA Today, a couple in Florida were awakened by the sound of an explosion in their house. It turns out the couple's septic tank was struck by lightning, which caused plumbing and the toilet inside the house to explode.

USA Today is reporting that the owner of the business repairing the couple's toilet said that the methane gas that built up in the septic tank is what caused the explosion when the tank was struck by lightning. The force of the explosion sent pieces of porcelain through the walls of their bathroom.

As yesterday's thunderstorm drifted over my house in Endicott,  I kept thinking to myself,  “I can hold it, I really don't need to use the bathroom right now”.  Even though we don't have a septic tank,  that thought was still  going through my mind with each flash of lightning .

Can you imagine if you were sitting on the toilet when this happened? Or guys, standing in front of the toilet using it when this happened? That would be a crazy story that you could share with your friends and family for years to come, if you survived.

You can take a look at the pictures of the aftermath here.

[via USA Today]

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