According to a report in The New York Daily News; the number of US adults who smoke has reached an all-time low. The Daily News quoted a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that said just 13.9 percent of American adults smoke which is down a percentage point and a half from the prior year. The survey apparently did not track American's that are using electronic cigarettes which appear to be on the rise even though there are questions about their health risks. As someone who has battled with the addiction of smoking all my life, I know how hard it can be to quit. I still find myself craving cigarettes quite a bit. And occasionally, especially after drinking I will give in to the temptation and have one. If there were no negative side effects, I would be smoking like a chimney.

The survey also revealed that smoking cigarette among high school students is down as well. While this is good news, it makes me wonder how the government will make up for the lost revenue that they bring in by taxing tobacco products. I guess we will see how they supplement that income

I still wish someone would invent cigarettes that are good for you and have no health risk whatsoever. I would think with modern day technology there would be a way to do that, but maybe not. Maybe the closest thing to a healthy cigarette is just puffing air through a straw. If you are trying to quit, I wish you well. The struggle is real!

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