And the scams just keep on coming. It continues to amaze me how much work thieves put into thinking about new ways to scam the unsuspecting public.

Fortunately, many people are wise to these scams, but there are enough who are fooled, through no fault of their own, out of hard earned money and savings.

The Broome County Sheriff’s Office recently sent out a news release warning of a scam where social security numbers have been obtained and are being used to file unemployment claims with the New York State Department of Labor.

People are getting mail supposedly from the New York State Department of Labor that asks confirmation of the request, and the Broome County Sheriff's office news release also states that some people have been contacted by their employers to advise that a claim has been filed with their name and social security number.

For more information and if you are contacted via mail that resembles this type of scam, contact the New York State Department of Labor Fraud Division at 1-888-899-8810 and also let your employer aware of it as well.

The New York State Department of Labor website also warns you not to reply to an email with the address  "NY Division of Unemployment Assistance,". You should not reply to the message and definitely do not click on any link in the email. The New York State Department of Labor states that they would never send such an email or ask for confidential information.

via Broome County Sheriff's Office & New York State Department of Labor

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