The New York Knicks have ended their search for a point guard with former MVP Derek Rose as part of the 5 player trade with Chicago that dealt Robin Lopez to the Bulls.

The Knicks also gave up veteran guard Jose Calderon and rookie guard Jerian Grant  for Rose, guard Justin Holiday, and a second round pick in the 2017 draft.

Rose was an MVP in 2011 and was an all star 2010,11 & 12, before injuries allowed him to play in only 100 games in the following four years.

Last year Derick had an eye injury that forced him to wear a mask, playing with blurred vision, but he still managed to play around 80% of the season.

Both Phil Jackson and Knicks newly hired coach Jeff Hornacek feel Rose will make an immediate impact on the Knicks, offensively and defensively.

I have mixed emotions because i really feel Robin Lopez was one of the best and most consistent player on the a Knicks roster last season, having played in all 82 regular season games.

In do think if (and I stress if) Derek Rose can stay healthy, he will pose a threat to other teams and not allow the defense to key on Carmello Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis

Another question who will replace Robin Lopez at the center position? Can the Knicks improve on the defensive end and stop teams from driving into the paint and dishing to an open guy, a scenario that happened way to much last year.

I think more moves are coming, you just have to have faith in what Phil Jackson is doing with this team.

To be continued

Go Knicks

Check out some highlights of Derek Rose's MVP year below