Once again the Knicks proved why they are at the bottom of the NBA, and if losing 14 out of 17 games isn't bad enough, their home crowd was chanting for the opposing team.

The Miami Heat came into the garden as another team with no respect for the Knicks scoring 54 of their 98 points in the paint ,out scoring the Knicks 98-81.

The Knicks looked flat and completely confused, as the team missed wide open shots and struggled on defense.

I realize this is another transition year, but I think most fans expected the team to be better than this.

Carmelo Anthony is saying all the right things to the media, but he has to be extremely disappointed with this team.

The team is not mathematically out of the playoffs for this year, the Knicks are 25 and 36 with 21 games left and short of a miracle, they will not be in the playoffs this year.

The big question is can Phil Jackson turn this team around next season?

I feel bad for Carmelo Anthony, he is killing himself out there with a bad team, his contract puts him in control of his status as a Knick, I think they should offer him a trade to a team that has a chance to win a championship, and maybe get a few good draft picks.

I don't see him ever winning a ring with this organization.

So Knicks fans it looks like we have to wait till next year and hope for a team that can compete.